Have You Heard of Green Beret Spray?

See why this organic bug spray is a favorite in Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Are you searching for an organic bug spray? Say goodbye to DEET repellents and hello to Green Beret Spray. Commando Termite & Pest Control stands behind our in-house brand of natural pest spray because it's safe for pets and small children. That's because it's made with nontoxic ingredients like red cedar oil.

You can apply this safe, organic product to the skin as a repellant or spray it on pests directly to kill them on contact.

Experience the difference with natural pest spray. Call now to schedule your service in Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ.

While it's completely safe for humans and animals, Green Beret Spray is like kryptonite to ants, roaches, mites and even bed bugs. Try our pet line to tackle fleas and ticks the natural way. Pair this product with our Ball Point Dog Brush for an easy and convenient application.

To learn more about this organic bug spray, please call 609-812-1200.